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We build web forms on the DNN community edition using the DynamicForms module that allows you to create low cost rapid replacement to your paper based forms. Captured data can be securely saved to a database, .pdf and or emailed using dynamic workflows. Build application forms, questionaires or decision making tools for your customers or staff.

Submission workflows

All submitted form data is saved to dedicated dynamicForm tables and is viewable by admins in tabular form and can be exported to .csv format.

Integrate with any other database in your organisation by adding Insert, Update and Delete scripts to the submission workflow.

Use form data to create a personalised sales brochure in pdf format that can include all your company artwork an product photos.

Post data from the form to another URL or web service such as or virtually any other API that accepts this format.

Email submitters or processing staff with form data in HTML and / or pdf formats and provide a link back to the form if required.

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